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SOMALILAND, Jarjille éditions, 2020.

Clément Goutelle, Léah Touitou & Max Lewko

Somaliland tells the story of Sahra Halgan, singer and figure of the Somaliland resistance.

During the Somali conflict which began in 1978, she nursed the wounded in refugee camps and sang in roving radio trucks, with the dream of reuniting greater Somalia. Exiled in France, she has remained an emblem of resistance for the Somaliland diaspora, working as a maintenance agent during the week in Lyon and performing concerts around the world. Back in his country, Sahra continues to fight, with his songs for only weapon. Her goal: to highlight Somaliland, an independent country since 1991, but not yet recognized by the international community.

Somaliland tells the story of Sahra Halgan, but also the story of a land, a people and a struggle that continues: that of recognition.


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